“…readable and thought provoking; a valuable book for those who want to understand the plight of rural poor in developing countries. An accessible introduction to the challenges and underpinnings of agricultural development practice, drawing thoughtful linkages between stirring human stories and lessons from professional experiences, it is a wonderful book to have on either a personal or course reading list. For those of us in the field for a while, it provides a touching reminder of why we became involved in development in the first place.”
Greg Traxler, Senior Program Officer for Agricultural Development, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Women and children at planting time in Ghana“…deep insights into the processes shaping economic development, and provides clear and detailed observations regarding the universal aspirations and daily challenges of the rural poor.  Genuine respect for those at the bottom rung of the economic ladder resonates on every page, and abiding optimism and good humor lift the reader to new levels of hope for the path ahead.” 
Gerald Shively, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University

Women and children at planting time in Ghana

“George Norton combines a wealth of personal experience and a thorough understanding of agricultural development issues to clarify for readers the challenges of rural poverty alleviation in developingcountries. Written in plain non-jargon language, and spiced bythe author's dryhumor, this book is enjoyable as well as enlightening.”
Gershon Feder, International Food Policy Research Institute

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Hunger and Hope provides compelling stories of the conditions, hopes, and successes of low-income farm families around the world. The book builds on the author’s extensive experience assisting farmers in developing countries and assessing impacts of agricultural interventions. It illustrates why some nations achieve food security and others continue to struggle. Progress made in reducing poverty and hunger is highlighted, and the need to do more.   

Ecuador farm family

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Ecuador farm family